Bull Testing


Bull Testing - Stud and Commercial Herds


The Bull Breeding Soundness Exam (BBSE) is becoming a widely accepted part of routine activities on commercial Beef Herds, and a compulsory feature of all Sale Bulls.

This Bull exam consists of three main components that are assessed by the visiting veterinarian on each and every bull at the time of bull-testing:

  • Physical Conformation and Breeding/Vaccination history
  • Reproductive organ/Genital examination
  • Crush-side examination of semen + option of Morphological Assessment.

The combined results of the above examinations are used to give you, the producer, an 'indication of potential breeding value'of each particular bull based on scientific data, not just on a biased visual exam in the sale ring.

The frame-work and parameters used in this BBSE have been established through many years of research and the examinations of thousands of bulls, and is nationally accepted as the BEST indicator of a bull being able to successfully achieve its job - to get as many fertile females in calf in as short as time period as possible.

This evaluation of a bulls potential is a rapid, economic screening test that examinaes each beast for detectable problems and categorises them into: fertile, sub-fertile and infertile groups. Knowing where your animals fit into these groups will allow you educated and far more efficient management of your available Bull-power to achieve maximum reproductive results.