Cattle Pregnancy Testing

Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis


Pregnancy Diagnosis provides vital information for all aspects of breeder herd management. These include:


  1. The ability to strategically utilise periods of high pasture availability
  2. Insuring the appropriate use of supplementary feeding
  3. The ability to produce lines of replacement cattle that will enter the herd at an early age
  4. the ability to market stock to generate cash flow at the earliest opportunity
  5. The identification of infertility in herds to prevent gradual aging of the herd which would result in more healthy issues, product quality problems and low production
  6. The ability to accurately budget herd structure, sales and therefore stocking rate
  7. Shorter and distinct management periods, which leads to an efficient enterprise
  8. Improved control, prevention and treatment of reproductive diseases
  9. Genetic and phenotypic improvement in the fertility of the herd due to selection of superior animals and culling of inferior animals.


At St George Veterinary Practice we offer accurate and efficient pregnancy testing by ACV accredited Veterinarians.

Not only does this allow the producer confidence in the results, but also allows for them to utilise the tagging system that is part of the National Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis (NCPD) scheme run by ACV.